Chapel Hill News: Letter to the Editor

Proven Leader

I support Pam Hemminger for Mayor of Chapel Hill. I have been associated with Pam since 2005 when we shared time on the Rainbow Soccer Board of Directors. Pam was always the balance in the room and her financial awareness allowed the organization to grow and flourish.

In the past three years I have worked with Pam on several commercial real estate endeavors and believe her understanding of long term planning coupled with her knowledge of finance will serve our community well during its next phase of growth.

During our work together, I have always appreciated her keen awareness and attention to the impacts that decisions will have on those who will be impacted - whether it be children on the soccer field or employees in a renovated building. I have no doubt that Pam will bring that same level of considerate decision-making to Town Hall.

Additionally, the citizens of Chapel Hill will benefit from Pam vast experience, including her work as a chair of the school board and as a county commissioner. Bringing these perspectives to the role of mayor, Pam is poised to help our town, county and school governing bodies make progress by working collaboratively to support each other while ensuring that their own interests and goals are represented.



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Chapel Hill News: Letter to the Editor

Business acumen

I support Pam Hemminger for mayor of Chapel Hill because she will modernize our town’s processes to address the needs of our citizens. Her business acumen and decades-long track record of volunteer work in this community bring strong fiscal and social responsibility to town leadership.

I am impressed with Pam’s ability to form consensus across diverse groups, promoting development in a manner that serves the public interest by caring for the environment (parks and greenways, clean water, cost-effective public transportation, minimize traffic congestion) while diversifying our tax base to abate financial burden on property owners. She is attuned to the needs of students of all ages, having chaired our local school board and consistently promoted positive town-gown relations.

Peggy Gulley, Chapel Hill

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The Herald-Sun: Letter to the Editor

Thank you, Scott Madry, for sharing your insights on my collaborative leadership style as chair of the Southern Community Park Design Committee. And thank you for your support of my campaign.


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Thanks for coffee!

Coffee with the Candidate

Coffee 1

Thank you La Vita Dolce, for hosting “Coffee with the Candidates for Mayor.”  It was an excellent opportunity to chat with residents about their priorities.

Will be there again on October 6 for those who had children at home for today’s Delayed Opening.

Letter to the Editor


Thank you, Kay Schlegel-Pratt, for your support in Sunday's Chapel Hill News!Schlegel-Pratt.png

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