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Mayor Pam Hemminger in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Real Results for Chapel Hill

Over the past six years as your mayor, I have been working hard to create a more diverse and sustainable Chapel Hill. Together, we have achieved so much for our community.

  • Created over 1,000 new public-sector jobs, generated more commercial tax revenue to ease the burden on residential taxpayers

  • Set Chapel Hill on a forward path for community-wide Climate Action and Response

  • Championed the purchase of the American Legion property for a public park

  • Partnered with CHCCS, IFC, PORCH, TABLE and No Kid Hungry to create Food For the Summer (now Food For Students) to provide healthy food and enrichment to our kids

  • Made solid progress on creating and preserving Affordable Housing by adopting a Master Plan and Strategies, investing in 278 new units

  • Invested in expansion of greenways and bikeways to help create a safe and connected network for biking and walking throughout town 

  • Took steps toward being a more inclusive, welcoming and safe community for everyone through the Historic Civil Rights Task Force and Re-imagining Community Safety Task Force.

  • Led through COVID, keeping our community healthy, businesses open and life as normal as possible

  • ​Put the ReVive Plan in motion for a recovery that benefits our entire community

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