We're Endorsing Pam for Re-Election!

The historic Civil Rights Task force initiated by Mayor Hemminger represents a powerful national model of true community partnership. The research and recognition of the nine Lincoln high school students and their leader, Harold Foster's role in Chapel Hill Civil Rights movement was rooted in true collaboration Re-collecting Chapel Hill's history through a lens of equity, is the perfect example of how communities might be able to move forward together with all of its citizens being valued and appreciated.

Danita Mason-Hogans   2019


"In my 22 years as a Chapel Hill small business owner, a mayor has never so quickly and adeptly found the common ground between vastly different constituencies. . . .  Pam’s steadfast support for Launch Chapel Hill has resulted in Chapel Hill being selected as one of the Top 5 places for Entrepreneurs to live and launch by Entrepreneurship Magazine.  The creation of a thriving entrepreneurial community in Chapel Hill was seen as a pipe dream only five years ago, but now entrepreneurial companies are occupying formerly vacant spaces downtown and creating desirable jobs for our citizens as well as customers for our existing businesses. I can never thank her enough for her tireless efforts to create a more vibrant downtown. Her efforts helped pass common sense reform of sign ordinances, the creation of more parking by engaging long disinterested landowners and the timely adoption of the Sunday Brunch ordinance."

—Scott Maitland, owner of Top of the Hill Distillery


"It has been an honor to not only witness the great works that she has done within this city, but to also have been able to collaborate with her on many occasions. She has been a Mayor that hears the voice of the people and follows suit when necessary. It has been a tremendous journey watching her excel and grow in this leadership role."

—Minister Robert L. Campbell, Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association president


“Mayor Hemminger has been a gifted and energetic leader these four years. I particularly appreciate her advocacy for economic development, her commitment to improving our downtown, and her role in securing the Legion property. Please re-elect Pam and give our community two more years of her positive leadership.”

—Rosemary Waldorf, former Chapel Hill mayor


"Mayor Hemminger has been a determined and thoughtful leader. She’s worked to include perspectives from every part of the community, and she’s articulated a clear vision for our future. She’s earned our support for re-election this year."

—Kevin Foy, former Chapel Hill mayor


"Pam Hemminger has done an excellent job as mayor.  Pam is forward looking with great ideas for the future of our community.  She communicates extremely well with the citizens of our town and is most responsive to their concerns.  She deserves our support and re-election."

—Ken Broun, former Chapel Hill mayor


"Hemminger, the former chairwoman of the Carrboro-Chapel Hill City Schools Board of Education and vice chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Commissioners, is running unopposed for a good reason: her constituents like her."   2017

—Indy Week


"She supports walkability and bicycle routes, while working to increase bicycle safely. Her support for Sierra Club values like open space, preserving the tree canopy and rural buffer, and good management of stormwater has been specific in a number of plans for the town. . . . Her leadership on water pollution, use of graywater, and stormwater management has been impressive in Chapel Hill and the Jordan Lake Watershed. She understands that one of the principles of smart growth is density along transportation corridors."   2017

—Orange-Chatham Sierra Club


"She has achieved remarkable progress in the challenging areas of downtown parking, tech sector jobs, regional planning for water quality protection, and development review."   2017

—Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town


"We are proud to have you on our slate as an endorsed candidate for the 2017 cycle. We look forward to seeing you in office!"

—Equality North Carolina






Will you endorse?