I'm excited about Chapel Hill's future

As Chapel Hill mayor, I have the opportunity every day to visit with people from throughout our community and to hear their thoughts about the future of our town.

Through those conversations I am constantly inspired by the passion of our citizens and grateful for the shared values that make Chapel Hill such a welcoming community for all.

In the past four years we have taken important steps which will benefit our community for the future.

But there is still much work to be done!

As we look ahead, I remain committed to moving us forward in a way that lets everyone in our community share in the opportunities that make us such a wonderful place to be.


My plan:

1) Engage the entire community to create and implement an actionable Climate Action Plan for achieving town-wide reduction of our carbon footprint, increasing sustainability and ensuring future resiliency.

  • Strengthen our policies to increase energy efficiency in buildings and promote sustainable building practices.
  • Promote increased creation and use of clean, renewable energy by installing solar on more Town facilities, purchasing additional electric buses and expanding our EV charging infrastructure to meet growing demand.
  • Decrease our energy consumption by replacing street lights with LEDs, implementing) Energy Saver programs in more neighborhoods and making energy efficiency upgrades at more town facilities.
  • Reduce flooding and protect water quality by improving stormwater management and integrating green stormwater infrastructure into new and existing development.
  • Plant more trees and protect the tree canopy with the help of the new Community Tree committee.
  • Reduce waste through composting, creative re-use and moving away from single-use plastics.

2) Champion Business Development that creates a healthy, resilient and diverse economy.


  • Balance our tax base and add more local jobs by creating more commercial spaces for businesses to grow and locate in Chapel Hill.
  • Support and promote innovation and entrepreneurship to retain the incredible startup companies coming out of the University,
  • Launch and the community at large.Align Town infrastructure, including transit, multi-modal connections and parking, to meet the needs of a thriving business community.
  • Advocate with all prospective companies to pay a living wage.


3) Foster a Diverse and Creative Community where everyone thrives

  • Promote development standards that contribute to a vibrant sense of place and
    retain our distinctive character.
  • Create and preserve more affordable housing.
  • Promote connectivity and multi-modal transportation by expanding our network of sidewalks, greenways, bike lanes and efficient transit options.
  • Work to create/provide more publicly accessible green spaces and gathering places throughout town.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these initiatives during the campaign and hearing from each of you. Together, we can make this vision a reality and ensure Chapel Hill’s place as a progressive economic, social, and cultural leader of the Triangle.