Sierra Club endorses Pam Hemminger for Mayor

Sierra Club endorses Pam Hemminger for Mayor

544932_384145044938727_35034159_n.jpgThe Orange-Chatham Sierra Club has endorsed Pam Hemminger for re-election as Mayor of Chapel Hill.

"She supports walkability and bicycle routes, while working to increase bicycle safely. Her support for Sierra Club values like open space, preserving the tree canopy and rural buffer, and good management of stormwater has been specific in a number of plans for the town," read the endorsement.

The club also noted the leadership Hemminger has provided on important water-quality issues. "Her leadership on water pollution, use of graywater, and stormwater management has been impressive in Chapel Hill and the Jordan Lake Watershed. She understands that one of the principles of smart growth is density along transportation corridors." 

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