Pam About Town

Pam About Town

CH_magazine_cover.jpgChapel Hill Magazine, March 2017

You've been in office for a year and a month at the time of this interview, and the mayor's office is a two-year term. Let's start with: Have you enjoyed the job enough to run again?

I'm going to run again.

I assume you're running unopposed?

I haven't heard [laughs]. But, I'm hopeful that the citizens are pleased with the changes and things that have happened this last year and are willing to give me another term.

Mayor Hemminger, you came in on the idea that there was too much emphasis on luxury apartments as opposed to thoughtful commercial development. Do you still feel that way?

Very much so. I think more and more people understand the need to diversify the tax base. At 84% residential, it's not a long-term, sustainable future.

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