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Mayor Hemminger Commits to Paris Agreement

Town_Of_Chapel_Hill_Seal.pngTown of Chapel Hill, June 2, 2017

Chapel Hill mayor Pam Hemminger is among 86 mayors committing to upholding the Paris climate accord following President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will withdraw U.S. participation.

The list of mayors is compiled by Climate Mayors (aka, Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, or MNCAA), a network of 92 U.S. mayors working together to strengthen local efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting efforts for binding federal and global-level policy making.

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Chapel Hill Establishes American Legion Task Force

American_Legion_map.jpgChapelboro, March 21, 2017

Chapel Hill is nearing the completion of an agreement to purchase the approximately 35-acre property on Legion Road from the American Legion Post No. 6. A newly commissioned task force will seek to determine how to best use that property.

The task force will include Mayor Pam Hemminger and town council members Donna Bell and Nancy Oates. It will also be made up of members from various commissions and the visitors bureau, a person with knowledge of commercial development and three at-large community interests representatives.

“I’m excited about this, because it does really take usually a task force or group of people to look over all that information and distill it and come back with some kind of recommendations or suggestions,” Hemminger said.

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Pam About Town

CH_magazine_cover.jpgChapel Hill Magazine, March 2017

You've been in office for a year and a month at the time of this interview, and the mayor's office is a two-year term. Let's start with: Have you enjoyed the job enough to run again?

I'm going to run again.

I assume you're running unopposed?

I haven't heard [laughs]. But, I'm hopeful that the citizens are pleased with the changes and things that have happened this last year and are willing to give me another term.

Mayor Hemminger, you came in on the idea that there was too much emphasis on luxury apartments as opposed to thoughtful commercial development. Do you still feel that way?

Very much so. I think more and more people understand the need to diversify the tax base. At 84% residential, it's not a long-term, sustainable future.

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Hemminger: Wegmans "Poised to Be Among Biggest Sales Tax Producers"

Wegmens-960x640.jpgChapelboro, October 14, 2016

The possibility of Wegmans Supermarket coming to Chapel Hill highlights several different milestones. It’s the first time that the Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County have partnered together for economic development work. It would also be the first Wegmans in Orange or Durham Counties.

On Wednesday, county and town leaders announced the Orange County Commissioners and the Town of Chapel Hill will consider an incentive package to bring Wegmans Supermarket to Chapel Hill. The Wegmans would open in the 14-acre property on 15-501 that will be vacated by Performance Automall next July. Performance is set to move to a new location near the Streets of Southpoint in Durham.

Almost as newsworthy as the supermarket itself is the first-of-its-kind collaboration between Chapel Hill and Orange County for an incentives package to make it all possible. The town and county would provide $2 million each over five years if Wegmans hits performance numbers.

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Chapel Hill Mayor Fields Questions at Downtown Meeting

nando-chapel-hill-news_masthead_with_border.jpgChapel Hill News, January 28, 2016

Mayor Pam Hemminger has been asking residents for their concerns and suggestions, and she got them, on a multitude of issues, during Thursday's Friends of the Downtown monthly meeting at Mediterranean Deli.

The new mayor first took a moment to talk about the Ephesus-Fordham district between East Franklin Street, Fordham Boulevard and Ephesus Church Road. She also talked about changes taking place now in the town's struggling inspections and planning departments.

Revising the Ephesus-Fordham district's form-based code will help achieve community goals, she said, such as bringing in more tax dollars to pay for long-needed road and stormwater improvements.  It could take a while, she said.

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