The Herald-Sun: Letter to the Editor

The Herald-Sun: Letter to the Editor

Thank you, Scott Madry, for sharing your insights on my collaborative leadership style as chair of the Southern Community Park Design Committee. And thank you for your support of my campaign.

Letter to the Editor:

I had the pleasure of working with Pam Hemminger on the Southern Community Park Design Committee, which she chaired in 2001.

Pam was an excellent chair and, while working with her, I was most impressed by her leadership skills and knowledge of the issues. In addition to being well-organized and well-informed, Pam played a major role in ensuring that all of the committee members felt empowered and respected. She did an excellent job in reaching compromises between the various individuals and groups advocating their favored design aspects, and in the end, we arrived at a great outcome for both the southern area and the town.

Pam has since moved on to many other, larger public duties in which she continued to provide the same quiet, calm, knowledgeable and inclusive leadership.

Chapel Hill faces many important issues ahead and Pam, who is also a local business owner, will bring a strong combination of government, business and residential experience to the table. She knows the importance of maintaining our college town charm as we grow, working closely with our schools, and planning for town-wide transportation needs.

It’s time for a change in Chapel Hill. Pam’s focus and commitment are to Chapel Hill and Orange County. She brings strong community-wide connections and new ideas to the office, whereas the current mayor has been on the council since 2001.

I urge you to please provide Pam with your support in this election. She will bring positive change to Chapel Hill.

Scott Madry, PhD
Chapel Hill