A Successful Four Years

2015 – 2019 Accomplishments 

Since taking office four years ago, we have worked hard to position Chapel Hill for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Working together we have made important strides on a broad range of goals and I am proud of our many accomplishments.

 Created a more welcoming, responsive and transparent government for everyone

  • Established a petition tracking system
  • Implemented a more transparent, long-range budget planning process that aligns with Town priorities
  • Created a Neighborhood Liaison network to reach more people in emergency situations
  • Increased multi-lingual communications by adding translators to our Emergency Call Center and recording video messages in many languages

Implemented numerous environmental initiatives to advance sustainability and resiliency throughout our Town

  • Approved funding for a Climate Action Plan
  • Initiated the transition to LED lighting at Town owned parking garages and lots to conserve energy and save money
  • Rolled out Duke Energy’s Energy Saver program to 830 families in the Northside neighborhood
  • Established the Community Tree Program to enhance and protect the Town’s tree canopy
  • Implemented a pilot composting program in Town Hall and Fire Station #1


Spearheaded efforts to address stormwater and water quality issues for our Town and our region

  • Led in the creation of the Jordan Lake One Water (JLOW) association which has brought together representatives from 10 counties, 27 municipalities and other stakeholder groups to improve and protect the watershed
  • Supported expansion of the Elliott Road stormwater facility which will help reduce flooding in the area and serve as a public greenspace
  • Encouraged collaboration between the Town and Lake Ellen homeowners to increase stormwater capacity of the lake, further decreasing downstream flooding

Championed business development initiatives that will increase the Town’s commercial tax base and bring more jobs to Chapel Hill

  • Worked closely with the University, county and entrepreneurial community to support and retain start-up companies in Chapel Hill
  • Approved performance-based incentives for Glen Lennox to fast-track development of up to 400,000 sf of commercial office space to attract new companies to our town
  • Voted to require commercial office and retail space in every new development as the Blue Hill district redevelops to ensure a more balanced tax base
  • Established the Millhouse Innovation District to bring light manufacturing, innovative companies and new jobs
  • Brought in Wegmans, a perennial Fortune “Top Employer to Work For” which is expected to generate strong sales tax revenue for Chapel Hill and Orange County.

Focused on solutions to build a more equitable community

  • Partnered with the InterFaith Council and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to create and run Food For the Summer which has provided weekday meals and enrichment activities to youth throughout summer break for the past four years
  • Created a Historic Civil Rights Task Force to identify the important people, places and events in our town’s civil rights history
  • Completed the long-overdue sewer system in the Historic Roger’s Road neighborhood
  • Passed rezoning which allows at-home businesses and accessory dwelling units in the Historic Rogers Road neighborhood

Adopted an Affordable Housing Master Plan that is building and preserving affordable housing opportunities for a more inclusive community

  • Created a dash board and quarterly report that allows Council and the community to monitor Town progress toward our Affordable Housing Master Plan goals
  • Put forward a $10 million bond for affordable housing which was supported by 70% of Chapel Hill voters
  • Negotiated with developers for affordable housing benefits including $1.5 million payment-in-lieu for the Park Apartments project and 20 Senior units on Homestead Road
  • Launched a Housing Displacement Assistance Program to provide financial assistance and housing locator services for residents facing displacement from naturally occurring affordable housing


Worked proactively to set a long-term vision for our town.

  • Helped push for and fund a new position in the Town Manager’s office for an Urban Designer to help Chapel Hill enhance our distinctive college town character as we grow
  • Moved forward with plans for the North-South Bus Rapid Transit corridor which will run from the Eubanks Road Park & Ride to the Southern Village Park & Ride
  • Adopted changes for the Blue Hill district which will result in more public recreation space, improved walkability and more detailed design guidelines aimed at creating a more connected, welcoming district

Restoring vitality to our Downtown

  • Championed improvements to downtown parking including the addition of new spaces, installation of more user-friendly meters and better signage
  • Worked with downtown business owners to make changes needed to allow outside dining and improve signage
  • Helped establish the International Festival to celebrate diversity and bring people downtown
  • Worked to create a stronger role for the Downtown Partnership organization and to hire a new director

Worked with regional, state and federal organizations to protect the Town’s interests

  • Serving on the Executive Board for the North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors organization, I have worked with statewide colleagues to share best practices and to lobby the General Assembly on issues including transportation funding, sales tax redistribution, historic district tax credits and maintaining local government control.
  • As a member of the Climate Mayors Coalition, I am part of a network of mayors who are advocating for strong federal energy policy as well as collaborating on ways that municipalities can lead the way in combatting climate change
  • Through other nation-wide networks including the US Conference of Mayors, the Mayors Innovation Project and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, I have also engaged on federal issues ranging from protection of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funds to support for Gun Background Check legislation


We still have a lot of work to do!

I look forward to continuing to lead on these and other important issues.