Chapel Hill Establishes American Legion Task Force

Chapel Hill Establishes American Legion Task Force

American_Legion_map.jpgChapelboro, March 21, 2017

Chapel Hill is nearing the completion of an agreement to purchase the approximately 35-acre property on Legion Road from the American Legion Post No. 6. A newly commissioned task force will seek to determine how to best use that property.

The task force will include Mayor Pam Hemminger and town council members Donna Bell and Nancy Oates. It will also be made up of members from various commissions and the visitors bureau, a person with knowledge of commercial development and three at-large community interests representatives.

ā€œIā€™m excited about this, because it does really take usually a task force or group of people to look over all that information and distill it and come back with some kind of recommendations or suggestions,ā€ Hemminger said.

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